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HearNC 2011:

Dogwood Productions is currently planning and producing North Carolina's second annual HearNC visual arts festival. The show last year was a blast! To check out pictures go to this link Also the winners' videos can be viewed by going to We are so pleased with the turn out and the talent of the 2010 festival that 2011 holds promise to be an even greater celebration of North Carolina artist (also we have 11 months to plan it verses 6... awesome). Our Dames & Masters of ceremony will be returning along with Bibis Ellison, with The Unicorn girl and some other surprises we're concocting. Be prepared to be entertained. We are currently putting together the DVD shot the night of the event and hope to have it available very soon. We are now accepting free submissions until June 2011. If you are making or have made a music video or any other visual art submit your entry as soon as you can. Go to

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Silent History: is a historical documentary about same sex relationships. The focus of our film will be to uncover the lost history of these relations since the beginning of humankind's cohabitation. Since the Paleolithic Era to modern day these relationships have existed evolved and morphed with the progression of time. We are looking back to see where we have arrived and how we got here. The film will be told from a reflexive point of view. I am a 45 yr old married gay male. I was born in the late 60's in the US and spent my first three years of life in Italy with my family. We moved back and I was raised by my southern mother and northern father on the southern east coast. I was baptized Catholic and raised Lutheran. I was the youngest of four. Growing up I spent summers on my Uncle's farm going to Pentecostal churches with my Grandmother. I was raised to see my love as an abomination and unnatural. If I had seen a film that told me about the rich, wonderful and often tragic history of my people, I believe the first 25 years of my life would have been very different. I hope to educate and empower by telling this untold, silent history. Research on this film began in 2003.

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Southern Gentlemen: This film looks into the ideas and ideologies that surround male identity in the south. There are many different types of men that would consider themselves southern. But who and what define a Southern Gentleman? Where does the south begin and end geographically, ideologically and psychologically? What does the concept of "southern" mean to different generations? These questions will be answered, and the answers will be as diverse as the many people we plan to interview. Please follow us as we visit the South and all of its many perceptions. Filming began in 2006 following the life of an extraordinary man until his life was taken by pancreatic cancer in 2008. His story is told along with many others, revealing a common thread that weaves amongst all men. So if you know of any extraordinary men or women with views on what it means to be a Southern Gentlemen, we'd love to hear from you.

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Cora's Way: This oral history is about Mabel Riggsbee, a 91-year old woman who has written a book for her children and grandchildren: Cora's Way. This book is a series of stories about her mother, Cora Overcash, and how she was raised in the late 19th century, as well as how Mabel herself was raised in a small rural town called China Grove, NC. It is filled with anecdotes and fond memories of having the first car in town, corn shucking and drunken carnival fights. Mabel tells us Cora's way, and in doing so, shows us how she has practiced what her mother taught and passed those practices down through the generations to Cora's great-grandchildren. This beautiful portrayal of an American family told from the matriarchal viewpoint is filled with inspiring authenticity and warmth. Filming began on 2010.

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The Kingsbury Manx video for the song "Over the Oeuvre" This music video was shot in last October on Jordan Lake, NC, in a secret cove called Nipple Pointe and in Carrboro NC. It is a mix between Lost and The Monkeys. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working with the Manx men. Thanks for all the help from the crew, Paperhand Puppets and all the extras!

United Through Reading at the USO Gala Meet the Hofmans, a family separated by Dad's deployment, but reunited ---virtually--- through United Through Reading's Military Program. Dad might be across the ocean, but he can still read to his family every night through this powerful program. To learn more and view the video go to