Dogwood Productions Services

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Full Video Production Services

Pre, Production, Post

Web Design


Equipment Rentals

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Camera & Audio Rental Package:

Total Package:
$250 per day

Panasonic AG-HVX200AP Camera with two 16GB P2 cards:


Sennheiser 100-P / Series - ew100G3 Wireless system with mic:


RODE NTG-2 Shotgun mic (Dual powered directional condenser microphone)


Manfrotto HDV510 tripod


Other Sound Options:

Entire Kit:
$150 per day

Lectrosonic Wireless System with mic:

$25/day per set

Number of Sets:

Sennheiser shotgun mic
(w/ accessories in the case - 2 different mounts):


Shure 3-channel mixer:


Zeppelin w/ furry:


Boom pole w/ shock mount:


XLR cables: 2 x long, 1 x coiled, 4 x shorties