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Kingsbury Manx: Over the Oeuvre

Odessa Records & The Kingsbury Manx bring you...
"Over the Oeuvre"

A music video produced by Dogwood Productions Inc
Director & writer: Richard Jaimeyfield
Field Producer & editor: Rachael Fiorentino

The Manx men are taken to a secret cove by Ramsey the Ram man in a Carolina blue speed boat. Their quest takes them to a place that is over the limb and over the blazes. Shot in NC, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and on Jordan Lake. Thank you to all of the extras, Paperhand puppets, and everyone that helped us make this video!

© Dogwood Productions Inc


© Dogwood Productions Inc

United Through Reading

United Through Reading at the USO Gala Meet the Hofmans, a family separated by Dad's deployment, but reunited ---virtually--- through United Through Reading's Military Program. Dad might be across the ocean, but he can still read to his family every night through this powerful program.